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Ånsta is fully self-sufficient when it comes to electricity supply which comes from local renewable energy sources. Our solar farm generates enough electricity for the farms energy demand and the previous straw bale burner has been replaced by a pallet burner which provides warm water to heat up the houses. Pallets are made from wood rests that are not usable for producing long-term usage products.

A 4.8l ha lake was created in 2019 in addition to the existing lakes and century old water streams. This new lake, which we call the Swan Lake due to the existence of svans and many other different bird species like eagles, falcons, ravens and ducks, was mainly built to trap fosfor and to further increase the biological diversity in the area.

Through carefully managing Ånstas natural resources and applying sustainable practices we are not only inhibiting the natural environment but also capturing the necessary CO2 to make the forest thrive and support an abundant of wild life, both larger mammals and insects as well as compensating for the locals’ carbon footprint.

The forest also provides important raw materials for building materials and hygiene products such as toilet paper. Only rotten and fallen trees which release CO2 are used as burning material to create energy and therefore will not have a long-term environmental impact.


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